Erika Strebel, 27, Killed in Hit and Run Accident…Who Pays?

27-year-old Erika Strebel was driving her Jeep when it broke down. Police say she and a passenger, 26-year-old Ed Barton got out, and were standing near her vehicle when another car crashed into them, killing Erika and injuring her passenger before fleeing Eastbound on Montauk Highway.  The accident happened at 9 on Saturday night in Eastport, Long Island on Montauk Highway near the intersection with Old Montauk Highway.

Erika had a young son who is now left without a mother.  Who is going to provide for this child?

When a hit and run accident happens, most people would think there is no way of obtaining compensation for their injuries, or in this case, a death.  However, there are several insurance policies which would apply in these types of situations.  

Ms. Strebel was struck after leaving her disabled Jeep.  If she owned this Jeep, the insurance policy would cover some of her losses under the uninsured motorist provisions.  If she did not own a vehicle, or no family members of her household owned a vehicle, she would be covered under New York MVAIC.

Our office represents many family members of people who are killed in pedestrian accidents involving hit and run vehicles.

If your loved one has been killed in an accident, contact Jared Levine of Morgan Levine Dolan.


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