City Pays $22,500 for False Arrest, Victim Held Under One Hour

Kaylan Pedine was standing outside a Murray Hill bar with her friends one July evening in 2012 when a group of NYPD officers strolled by. Like many New Yorkers, Pedine is critical of the department’s stop and frisk policies, and just as the last officer passed, she remarked, “I wish they would stop stop-and-frisk.” In less than a minute she was in handcuffs and being taken to the local precinct.

Pedine was detained for about an hour and charged with disorderly conduct, based on an allegation that she was blocking traffic. “I went to two summons courts and pled not guilty, and after my third appearance they dismissed the charges,” Pedine explains. “Only then did I see the police report, which claimed I was standing in a bus lane and refused to move and refused to obey orders. That never happened. I was standing on the sidewalk the whole time. That was a complete lie.”

Everyday police from the NYPD make false arrests.  For each and every false arrest, once the charges are dropped, the City of New York can be sued.  As in this case, the City is quick to offer settlements to cover up these police practices.

If you have been arrested for no apparent reason and the charges are dropped, contact Jared Levine of Morgan Levine Dolan today.


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