6 hurt in police-involved car crash at Hess gas station on Katonah Avenue and East 233rd Street in Woodlawn

Six people were sent to the hospital after an early Thursday morning police car crash at a Woodlawn gas station.

It happened at the Hess station on Katonah Avenue and East 233rd Street where an NYPD car ended up leaning against a gas vacuum with its front end missing at around 3 a.m.  Police say a car was turning into the station when it hit the patrol car, but it’s unclear what led up to that.

Accidents involving emergency vehicles present a special set of laws and regulations to be proven.  An early investigation and interviews with independent witnesses is crucial when an accident happens involving a police car.  

Police are held to a lower standard of driving if they are responding to an emergency situation.  Police are required to use their lights and sirens while in pursuit and if they do not, a case can be made for negligence.  If lights and sirens are used, we must prove gross negligence, which is a higher standard and more difficult to prove.  This also applies to ambulances and fire trucks.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident involving an emergency vehicle, contact Jared Levine of Morgan Levine Dolan today.


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