Six Flags denies liability after woman falls to her death

New York readers may remember a story about a woman falling to her death on a roller coaster at Six Flags Over Texas earlier this year. The family has brought a lawsuit against Six Flags due to the incident. However, the theme park recently denied any liability for her death.

The victim’s family has sued both the park and its corporate parent for just over a million dollars. They believe that the ride’s safety system was malfunctioning and caused the 52-year-old victim to fall from the ride and suffer the injuries that killed her. The family says that inspections preformed after the accident showed that the ride’s T-bar safety restraint and a system that is supposed to stop the ride from beginning until all passengers are secure may have been problematic.

The 14-story-tall ride, the highest wooden roller coaster in the world, opened in 1990. It was closed for two years for renovations in 2009. Six Flags says the roller coaster was inspected only a few months before the incident. At the time of the inspection, it was up to both manufacture and government requirements. They believe these inspections remove any liability from the company for the accident .

While the ride may have been up to standard in the inspection months before the accident, it’s possible that the safety systems on the roller coaster were experiencing problems that led to the death of this woman. However, proving fault in premises liability cases like this one can be difficult. An attorney may be able to help anyone who has been hurt due to unsafe conditions on another’s property prove fault in the accident and recover fair compensation for their injuries.

Source: CNBC, “Six Flags Over Texas denies liability for woman’s death“, October 08, 2013


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