Mom, Young Daughters Hit by Car on Long Island

A mother and her two young daughters were hit by a car while crossing the street in Freeport Wednesday night. Police say a Nissan Maxima was approaching the intersection of Lena Avenue and North Main in Freeport when it struck the three victims. Police say the driver wasn’t able to stop in time.

According to reports, the 39-year-old mother suffered a head injury, her 13-year-old daughter injured her back and her 8-year-old daughter may have a broken leg.

Yet again, no criminal charges have been filed.  There have been countless numbers of pedestrian accidents where a driver fails to yield the right of way.  Yet, the police refuse to file charges for reckless driving or careless driving.  The only recourse is for innocent victims to file civil claims against the driver and their insurance company.

We have represented thousands of injured people struck by cars as they cross the street.  Our results speak for themselves.  If you or your loved one has been injured in a car accident, contact Jared Levine of Morgan Levine Dolan today.


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