Brooklyn Funeral Home Sends Email to Family of Mother Claiming To Have Had Sex with Corpse Before Burial

Pamela Johnson has hired New York City attorney Vivian Sobers to represent her legal interests in a lawsuit brought against the funeral home. Vivan Sobers is also representing Ms. Johnson’s daughter in the same action. 

The funeral home sent an email claiming to have had sex with the corpse prior to burial.  The lawsuit claims the negligent infliction of emotional distress, as well as the improper handling of a dead body, known as the Right of Sepulcher.

Time will tell whether the claims in the email are true.  There may need to be an exhumation of the body to determine whether the DNA of the funeral home employee can be found.  Regardless of whether the sexual act actually happened, the emotional stress this family must be enduring cannot be understated.

Our office has handled these types of cases in recent years.  We represented a mother whose baby was stillborn.  She asked for the remains so a proper burial could be done.  However, the nurse disposed of the body in the garbage.  We successfully won a lawsuit against the hospital in a right of sepulcher case.

If your deceased loved one has been mishandled by a hospital, funeral home or cemetery, contact Jared Levine of Morgan Levine Dolan today.

Woman alleges in suit that Brooklyn funeral home sent her vile email about mother’s corpse


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