Traffic light demanded at rally after Hempstead girl killed by car

Nearly three months after a 10-year-old Hempstead Village girl coming out of a dance recital was fatally struck by a car, community leaders and parents are demanding a traffic light and stricter enforcement in the area to avoid another death.

More than 40 New York Communities for Change and Workplace Project members, residents and young students rallied Thursday afternoon near a makeshift memorial for Shamay Braham on South Franklin Street and Burnett Street, where she was struck.

Our office is representing the family of Shamay Braham in a lawsuit against not only the driver of the car who struck Shamay, but also the Hempstead School District.  Shamay was negligently supervised by her teacher by being allowed to leave the after school program she was attending.  Due to the negligence of the school officials who were running the program, Shamay died.

Any suggestion Shamay’s parents did any wrongdoing is misinformed.  If her parents are responsible in any way, its for trusting the school teachers with their daughter’s life.  No parent should have to second guess whether they should leave their child with an after school program teacher.  This lawsuit aims to change to procedures and protocols of the Hempstead School District and to bring attention to the dangerous roadway in front of this youth center.


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