Park Slope Playground Swing Removed After Injuring Children

A swing at a newly renovated South Slope playground was removed earlier this week after at least two children fractured their ankles on the equipment.  The Parks Department took down a big green swing near the entrance to Slope Park on Sixth Avenue and 18th Street.

“It’s a brand new playground and this shouldn’t happen,” said mom Beth Frazier, who said her 8-year-old daughter Erin broke her right ankle on the swing on Monday, within minutes of another child doing the same thing.

Logs show that there have been three 311 complaints about the swing’s safety — one on Sept. 9, one in August, and one on June 27, the day the park reopened.

At Morgan Levine Dolan, we represent many parents of children injured due to the negligence of owners of property.  Earlier this year, we won a case against the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation where a 7 year old girl injured her knee as she played in a Brooklyn playground.  The City had not properly inspected the playground and allowed broken glass to remain where children were playing.  In the end, we made the City pay.

If you or your child has been injured in a New York City playground, contact Jared Levine of Morgan Levine Dolan.


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