NYPD Should be Ashamed: No Charges For Running Over Schoolkids On Queens Sidewalk

The SUV driver who plowed into five teenagers on a Queens sidewalk yesterday morning has not been charged with any crime nor issued any summonses.  The crash in Queens resulted in very serious injuries:  The teens survived the crash with various injuries–it appears Ashley Khan, 13, got the worst of it. DNAinfo reports that Khan suffered a compound fracture to her left leg and a broken pelvis when she was pinned under the SUV. Another girl’s back was broken.

The attorneys at Morgan Levine Dolan have taken an active role in forcing changes in the law with respect to reckless driving.  Many of our current cases involve pedestrians struck while walking on the sidewalk.  Typically the NYPD does nothing.  Something has to change to protect New Yorkers and our children.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident while walking on a sidewalk, contact Duane Morgan of Morgan Levine Dolan today.


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