New York workers’ injury numbers below average

A study based on U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers showed that workplace injuries and illnesses vary widely by state. Injuries that could have resulted in workers’ compensation claims were lowest in New York and the District of Columbia, but highest in Maine, according to the Allsup Study of Workplace Injuries. New York fell in the middle of the pack, near the average rate for the country as a whole.

The three states with the highest instances of illness or injury cases requiring a job transfer or work restriction were Maine, Indiana and California. Six states tied for number four, and just below those states was a tie between nine other states. Nine states didn’t submit information to the BLS and so were not included in the study.

The study also revealed which industries averaged the highest number of workplace injury and illness. At the top was amusement parks and arcades, followed by animal slaughtering and processing, beverage manufacturing and foundries. One study aspect that will receive further investigation is the variance between the safety of particular industries in different states. The incidence of injuries and illness in the motor vehicle production industry, for example, was different in Tennessee than in Ohio.

Work-related injuries in New York can be devastating for an individual and their family. An attorney experienced in fighting for workers’ compensation due to on-the-job injuries may be able to help with filing a workers’ compensation claim and pursuing a favorable settlement. Source: Allsup, “Allsup Study of Workplace Injuries,” July 11, 2013

Source: Insurance Journal, “Rates for Same Workplace Injuries Vary by State: Study“, August 13, 2013


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