Morgan Levine Dolan Files Lawsuit Against the City of New York in the Lillian Cruz Pedestrian Death Case

We have filed a lawsuit against the City of New York and other parties in connection with the pedestrian killing of Lillian Cruz this past March.  Lillian was crossing the intersection of Hamilton Avenue and Court Street in Brooklyn when she was struck by a dump truck.

Moments before the accident, Lillian was walking on the sidewalk close to the intersection.  This portion on the sidewalk had been barricaded with a pedestrian fence to alert people and prevent pedestrians from crossing at the corner.

However, the pedestrian barricade fence was broken and missing on this fateful day and Lillian did not know she could not cross the street.  As she was walking across the street, a dump truck ran her over.  As she tried to push herself out of the way of the front of the truck, the weight and speed of the truck were too much for her strength.  Her body got caught under the rear passenger tire.

If the City of New York had simply fixed the broken and missing pedestrian barricade fence, Lillian would still be here today.  Had the driver of the dump truck been paying attention, Lillian would still be here today.  

Stay tuned for further developments in this and other cases.   


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