Morgan Levine Dolan to Represent Mother of East Ramapo Special Education Student

Morgan Levine Dolan has been contacted to represent the legal interests of parent Peggy Hatton in a case against attorney Christopher Kirby and the East Ramapo School Board.  

Board attorney Kirby violently harrassed several individuals and threatened others in a profanity laced tyraid as he acted on behalf of the School Board. Other school board members sat by quietly as Board compensated Kirby verbally assaulted Mrs. Hatton.

Mr. Kriby’s actions were caught on video.  See,  See also,

Due to the extreme emotional distress which was intentionally and negligently inflicted upon Mrs. Hatton, she has sought legal representation.  Our firm will provide updates on the status of this pending case against the East Ramapo Board of Education and Mr. Kirby.


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