MLD Files 4 Claims in Pedestrian Death Cases

The attorneys at Morgan Levine Dolan initiated four cases involving pedestrian death accidents involving cars.  Two cases have been filed against municipalities and the other two cases were filed against the drivers of the cars which caused the accidents.

We filed a Notice of Claim against several entities including the Board of Education of the Town of Hempstead for negligent supervision of little Shamay Braham.  Shamay was killed in late June when she was struck by a car.  She was attending an afterschool program and was negligently supervised by the staff.

We also filed a Notice of Claim against the City of New York and the Department of Transportation in the pedestrian death of Lillian Cruz.  This beloved mother and grandmother was killed due in part to the negligent inspection and repair of a pedestrian fence which was damaged and removed several months before the accident.  Two lawsuits have been filed in other cases involving pedestrian deaths. Binshtok v. Greenbaum is being litigated in Kings Supreme Court.

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