Morgan Levine Recovers Tens of Thousands of Dollars for Sand Hog

Duane Morgan of Morgan Levine recently forced an insurance company to settle a claim brought by a sandhog, a union worker who digs the tunnels under the City of New York.  

This particular sandhog was injured when he slipped and fell off of a truck while working on the connecting tube being constructed between the LIRR and Grand Central.

This worker injured his arm, but was able to return to work a short time after the accident.  This case was found to be covered under the New York Labor Law. Mr. Morgan gave the insurance company no choice other than to settle this case.

Morgan Levine represents hundreds of injured people in New York City.  Many of our clients are injured on job site as a result of falls.  Our attorneys fight for every possible benefit for our clients.

Contact Duane Morgan of Morgan Levine Dolan if you or a loved one has been injured in a work site accident.


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