Man Injured After Falling Off Fifth Avenue Scaffolding

Morgan Levine has recovered millions of dollars for workers injured on scaffolds.  Just two months ago, another man was seriously injured after falling off scaffolding on Fifth Avenue. 

The victim suffered trauma to his head after falling off a scaffold at 475 Fifth Avenue, on an office building near 41st Street, just after 11 a.m.

All of these injured workers are entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits when they are hurt this way.  It does not matter whether the worker is a US citizen or here illegally.  The law does not distinguish between union or non-union worker. The attorneys at Morgan Levine ensure all possible rights and benefits are given to our clients.

Some people can return to work after a short period of time while others never return to work.  Either way, all workers are entitled to compensation for the injuries they sustain in construction site accidents.  

Some of our cases resolve in the low to mid six figure range while others reach mid to high seven figures, depending upon the injury and manner in which the construction site accident happens.  Regardless of how much a case is worth, the injured client gets 100% of the effort of their lawyers at Morgan Levine Dolan.  This is what separates our law firm from most others.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a construction site accident, contact Duane Morgan or Jared Levine at 212-785-5115


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