Lack of inspections and improper maintenance led to 2011 elevator death

People in New York City and others elsewhere ride elevators frequently. People usually get on elevators without concern. However, an elevator can malfunction when it has not been properly maintained. An elevator accident can cause serious injuries and even death.

In late 2011, a woman who was working at a hotel in another state was killed in an elevator accident when she reportedly fell six stories. Months later, state officials concluded that the 65-year-old woman’s untimely death could have been prevented if the hotel had followed through on routine inspections and if proper maintenance had been performed.

Earlier this month, the hotel where the accident occurred was fined $25,800. The company in charge of performing maintenance on the elevator was fined $60,000.

These kinds of tragic accidents should not happen. Property owners in New York City and others elsewhere must make maintaining a safe premise a top priority.

The victim’s family in this situation has reportedly filed a lawsuit against the hotel. People who are harmed because of a negligent property owner may be able to obtain compensation through a lawsuit.

Although an elevator accident is quite serious, even people who are involved in less serious accidents may be able to pursue legal action. For instance, legal action may be appropriate when someone is injured in a slip-and-fall accident at a grocery store or when an individual falls on an icy sidewalk.

Medical expenses can quickly add up. Certain injuries may prevent people from returning to their job. Working with an attorney is often best to be sure victims obtain the compensation they are entitled to.

Source: The Houston Chronicle, “Texas issues $86K fine in hotel housekeeper’s elevator death,” April 2, 2013


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