Construction Worker Slips and Falls while Climbing Scaffold Ladder

A client of Morgan Levine slipped and fell on ice as he tried to climb a ladder attached to a makeshift scaffold.  The general contractor forced the worker to use an existing fire escape ladder to climb up on the scaffold.  

Ice on the fire escape caused the worker to slip and fall, injuring his lower back. The case settled yesterday for $425,000.

The main issue in the case was the client never told anyone about the ice and there were no witnesses to the accident.  This was due to a language barrier since the client did not speak English.  The defendants argued that if the accident happened this way, the construction worker would have mentioned he slipped on ice.  

Duane Morgan of Morgan Levine litigated this case all the way to the Trial Calendar in New York County.  On the same day the defendants asked the Court to dismiss the case, Mr. Morgan made them pay $425,000.

If you or a loved one has been injured at in a construction accident, contact Duane Morgan or contact Deborah Alicea if you speak Spanish.


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