Speeding remains a big problem in NYC

Readers of this blog may recall that we wrote about a crash earlier this month that left three people dead. A young couple was heading to the hospital when their livery car was hit by another vehicle in Brooklyn. Their unborn child was delivered but later died. It is believed that speed was a factor in that crash. Unfortunately, speeding remains a problem all over New York City.

New numbers show that traffic fatalities as a result of speeding increased by an astounding 65 percent last year. In 2011, 49 people died as a result of speeding drivers. Last year, 81 people died.

City officials believe the best way to reduce traffic deaths is to install speed enforcement cameras around the city. They are urging state lawmakers to include a pilot program in this year’s budget.

Officials are particularly concerned about speeding drivers near schools. If the pilot program is approved, city officials plan to install cameras in a variety of school zones across the city.

It is unclear if city officials will be allowed to move forward with the pilot program. Whether or not they do, drivers across the city should always remember to drive cautiously. Readers of this blog know all too well the kind of devastating injuries people can suffer when they are involved in an accident. People who follow posted speed limits often are much less likely to be involved in a crash.

New Yorkers who suffer injuries in a serious crash may be able to obtain compensation to cover their medical expenses if the accident was caused by a reckless driver.

Source: New York Daily News, “NYC logged 65% increase last year in fatalities in accidents involving a speeding driver, city says,” Glenn Blain, March 18, 2013


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