Pregnant Mother and Husband Killed in Hit and Run Car Accident

A horrible car accident in Brooklyn earlier today killed two expectant young Orthodox Jewish parents who were heading to the hospital for a routine checkup. Miraculously, the baby was rescued by an cesarean section.

The other car involved in the accident was a BMW and both the driver and a passenger ran on foot from the accident scene and are being sought by the authorities.  They left the car behind.

At Morgan Levine we are currently handling several very similar cases like this one.  There are many times when the driver of a vehicle leaves on foot, leaving their car at the accident scene.  They then claim their car was stolen and had nothing to do with the accident.  The attorneys ar Morgan Levine Dolan have successfully fought these types of cases both in the Courts and in the Arbitration process.

A proper, early and detailed investigation is necessary to uncover facts and circumstances surrounding accidents like these.  Injured people, or loved ones of people killed in accidents, cannot just rely on police detectives and other officers.  It is so important to hire a seasoned, qualified lawyer as soon as possible.

If your loved one has been killed in an accident or if you have been seriously injured, contact Duane Morgan of Morgan Levine Dolan.


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