Injured construction worker receives $330,000 settlement

A construction accident can have a large impact on a person’s life. The injuries an individual sustains in an accident can prevent him or her from working for months at a time. Most people who are injured in a construction accident are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. However, there may be instances when compensation can be obtained from other sources.

A Staten Island man was injured at a construction site in 2009. He was reportedly standing on a ladder when the ladder slipped underneath him. He suffered a broken ankle, which required surgery. He ended up needing to be hospitalized for almost a week.

The man filed a lawsuit. He said the accident occurred because he was not given proper equipment. He also said the ladder was not safe because it did not have anti-skid material on the bottom. He recently reached a settlement in the amount of $330,000.

Care needs to be taken in all places of employment to prevent major accidents and injuries. However, even more time and energy should be put into making sure a construction site is safe. That’s because the equipment used at construction sites can cause serious and sometimes fatal injuries if it is not properly maintained.

Readers of this blog may recall a crane accident in January that left seven people with injuries. It was later determined that a crane operator and contractor were to blame for failing to properly inspect the equipment and for using the crane improperly.

People in New York City who are injured in a construction accident should be focused on their recovery. It is best to rely on an experienced legal professional to fight for the compensation an accident victim deserves.

Source:, “Staten Island man settles construction site injury suit for 330G,” Frank Donnelly, March 18, 2013


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