Construction Workers Injured in Brooklyn Building Collapse

Two construction workers were seriously injured when they were crushed under a collapsed building in Brooklyn.  The new building was being constructed in the Canarsie section of Brooklyn, where many clients of Morgan Levine currently live.

Another four construction workers were injured in the accident which was caused by negligently placed plywood and heavy materials on the roof.

The New York Labor Law is specifically in place to protect workers injured in this exact fashion. Under this law, the owner of property where construction is being performed, and the general contractor who oversees the project, are responsible for making sure certain hazards and dangers are not at a job site.

This law is being challenged and sought to be overturned by land owners.  Under the new proposed changes in the law, this responsibility would no longer exist.

A common type of danger covered by the Labor Law include falls from a height, when a floor or roof collapses under the worker.  Owners of property and contractors are required to make sure the worker has the proper fall protection safety apparatus and must ensure the flooring is sturdy and not defective. Under the new laws, owners and contractors can, and will, turn a blind eye to these extremely dangerous work conditions.

There are already too many construction site accidents in New York State under the current law. The last thing our construction workers need is to be put further into the most dangerous work conditions with less protections. This is why our attorneys at Morgan Levine are fighting for your rights.

If you have any questions or would like to voice your opinion to Congress, contact Jared Levine or Duane Morgan.


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