Construction Accidents with Saws on the Rise

Morgan Levine has recently beed contacted on several construction site accidents involving many different types of saws.  Most of these saws do not have guards attached while others have the wrong type of blade being used.  

The injuries sustained in these accidents usually include the loss of a finger or toe.

We have seen the same scenerio over and over again.  The construction worker is given a saw which is owned by either the general contractor, their employer, or one of the subcontracting companies.  The guard is taken off by the owner of the saw to speed up the work being performed.  The saw kicks back, or the material being cut shifts, and the worker cuts their hand or foot, loses a finger or an entire hand.  No matter how small or big the injury, the laws under New York’s Labor Law protect the worker.

If you have been injured while using a saw on a construction site, contact Duane Morgan at Morgan Levine Dolan to discuss your rights.


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