Another Pedestrian Killed by Drunk Driver in Queens

A 76-year-old man was struck and killed by a drunk driver in Woodhaven.  The driver was arrested and charged with vehicular manslaughter and driving while intoxicated.

The accident happened at the intersection of Jamaica Avenue and 80th Street. The elderly man, John Eberling, was pronounced dead on arrival at Jamaica Hospital.

There have been a rash of recent pedestrian deaths in car accidents in New York City.  Morgan Levine was recently retained in one of these horrible pedestrian knockdown accidents which could be have been easily avoided.  The pedestrian was struck by a cab as she stood innocently on the sidewalk.  The cab had been struck by another vehicle which was pulling out of a parking space.

The attorneys at Morgan Levine are actively trying to force the NYPD to crack down on speeding drivers in New York.  While the investigation is ongoing in this particular case, it is no surprise to any New Yorker that the majority of cars speed on city streets.  Very few speeding tickets are issued on a daily basis as compared to the number of vehicles speeding.  As a result of the careless and negligent operation of motor vehicles, people are unnecessarily dying at an alarming rate.

We are calling on the Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, and the New York City Police Department to begin taking speeding on city streets more seriously.  A crackdown of aggressive driving and reckless driving is desperately needed.

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