A Slip and Fall on Snow and Ice Causes Serious Injuries

After a snow storm, many people slip and fall on snow or ice and get seriously injured.  Many people suffer injuries to their wrists, legs and faces.  Other people seriously hurt their head, neck and back.

While there is no legal responsibility for an owner of a business to clear their sidewalk during a storm, the laws in New York protect innocent people from negligent landowners after a snow storm.  

Several hours need to pass after the end of a storm for a landowner to have enough time to clear their walkways.  While the time frames differ from county to county, the Courts all recognize the need for landowners to clear a dangerous and hazardous walkway from snow and ice.

Our attorneys have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for people injured in slip and fall accidents after a snow storm.  We have successfully sued landowners who either ignored the dangerous sidewalks or negligently removed the snow and ice.  Just because a landowner cleared the snow from the sidewalk is not good enough, they need to inspect the area several times later to make sure the job was done right.

We represent several people who slipped on ice several days after a snow storm.  Their accident happened simply because the landowner didn’t properly inspect their walkways.  Many times snow is piled up, melts and then refreezes causing a slippery walkway.  The Courts recognize the rights of people injured when they slip on the refrozen ice.

Contact our office today if you or a loved one has been injured in a slip and fall on snow or ice accident. 


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