8 People Injured in Multi-Vehicle Accident in Manhattan

Eight people were hurt in a car accident which involved several vehicles on the west side of Manahattan earlier today.  The car accident happened at the intersection of 11th Avenue and West 20th Street. 

A truck and at least three cars were involved.  The police are investigating whether speeding was a contributing factor to this accident.

At Morgan Levine Dolan, we are currently handling hundreds of car accident cases in New York City.  Many of these accidents involve several vehicles.  Expert accident reconstruction is often necessary to determine the cause of the accident, and the cause of the injuries.

As soon as an accident happens, insurance companies are geared up to deny any and all claims.  It takes a tough lawyer to represent the rights of people who don’t have a voice.  It takes the lawyers at Morgan Levine Dolan.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, contact Jared Levine.


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