Several Morgan Levine Client Jobs Highlighted in New Report About Dangerous Jobs

Several of the most dangerous jobs, as highlighted in a new report, are the exact jobs many clients of Morgan Levine are injured in.  Our firm represents many employees of the MTA and New York City Transity Authority, Sandhogs and Iron workers.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics new report says several of the most dangerous jobs in our country are performed right here in New York City.  The report says 71 New York City workers died in 2011.

When a TWU member is injured on the job, it usually involves very serious injuries from either a subway accident or a bus accident.  Many times the union member cannot return to work and loses significant wages and other benefits.

Our attorneys have successfully helped all levels of TWU members with their workers’ compensation benefits and representation in cases against other people or companies responsible for an accident.  We have also helped many injured workers apply for and obtain Social Security Disability benefits.

Another main focus of our firm recently has been representing Sandhogs…union members who work under the streets of New York City blasting the tunnels for the new 2nd Avenue Subway and extension of the 7 Line and LIRR.  Sandhogs have been named as one of the top 5 most dangerous jobs where the threat of life threatening injuries loom large.  

Follow our blog later this week highlighting the dangers and rights of Sandhogs and our representation of these New York City union members.


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