Pedestrian Killed in Car Accident on Sidewalk

A pedestrian walking on the sidewalk was killed by an SUV which jumped the curb and striking her as she left a store in Brooklyn yesterday.  She was immediately taken to a local emergency room where she was pronounced dead.

The pedestrian happened to be a very succesful New Yorker, having been an Emmy Award winning writer and a graduate from Princeton University.

Pedestrian accidents occur everyday in New York, usually with either very serious injuries or, like in this case, death.  All reports from this accident have mentioned the driver of the SUV may have lost consciousness due to being a diabetic.  While this may be true, it does not obsolve the driver from responsiblity for causing this accident and death.

Jared Levine of Morgan Levine has handled thousands of car accident cases, mostly involving pedestrians.  He has recovered millions of dollars for the accident victims and their loved ones.  

Duane Morgan of Morgan Levine has litigated numerous cases against drivers who cause accidents like these and has been awarded multi million dollar verdicts for injured people in the New York area.

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