Mother of Newborn Dies at Montefiore Hospital

A young 28-year-old mother of a newborn baby died at Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx, prompting a lawsuit filed by the family.  This incident, like many in hospitals, easily could have been avoided.

12 days after giving birth to a healthy baby girl, the mother Athena Natal died due to the doctor at Montefiore Hospital botching the delivery.

After delivering the baby, the doctor failed to properly remove the plascenta, leaving one-third inside the uterus.  This caused massive bleeding and an infection.  Twelve days later Athena was dead, leaving her husband Dario Natal a single father.  Shockingly, Athena had been released from the hospital after the delivery and had returned two times to the emergency room, but each time she was sent home.

The acts of doctors, or the failure to act, cause numerous deaths in hospitals every year.  Under New York Law, in order to prove a medical malpractice case, it must be shown that a doctor committed an act which was a departure from accepted medical practices.  Once that is proven, the injured patient must then prove as a result of the doctor’s act, they sustained a permanent injury or damage.  Before filing a lawsuit, an injured patient must have another doctor review the medical records and submit an Affidavit that medical malpractice was committed.

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