Bus Company Putting Lives At Risk

A New York bus company, based out of Chinatown, has been cited for serious safety problems with their buses.  State investigators have asked their Federal investigator counterparts to declare the bus company an “imminent hazard“, thereby closing the bus company.

Notwithstanding this State and Federal exposure and pressure, the bus company named Fung Wah Bus Company maintains they will continue operating their buses to and from New York and Boston.

The current safety dangers involve serious problems with the way the bus company maintains their buses.  Although several cracks in the frames of Fung Wah buses have been exposed, the company claims these are not serious problems.  Fung Wah has a history of saftey violations, including forcing their drivers to operate buses while they are fatigued and other lax maintenance.

In 2006, a Fund Wah bus injured dozens of people when it rolled over and was fined in excess of $30,000 for their continued violation of federal safety regulations.  There are currently nine actions pending in the Supreme Courts of the State of New York against Fund Wah.

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