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The low probability but high costs of catastrophic accidents

As a veteran construction worker, you know that you put yourself at risk every day that you step onto the job site. You could potentially hit your head on any number of protruding pieces of steel, fall into an uncovered hole, or simply hit your thumb while hammering…

Construction workers, accidents and traumatic brain injury

As a commercial construction worker, there’s nothing more important than your health and well-being. Not only should you take steps to remain safe throughout the day, but you expect your employer to do the same. Unfortunately, there are times when accidents occur on a job site. If this…

Woman Dies After Falling From WTC Oculus Elevator

Jenny Santos, 29, of Kearney, N.J., fell to her to her death off an escalator at the World Trade Center Oculus Saturday morning, officials said.   Santos was attempting to retrieve a hat for her twin sister, Jessica, when she lost her balance and fell 30 feet from…

Doorman Dies After Fall Sends Him Through Glass Door

Doorman Miguel Gonzalez, 59, has died after he slipped on a step and fell through a glass door while he was shoveling snow during Thursday’s snowstorm, officials said. The incident happened in front of 333 E. 93rd Street at 9:30 a.m. in the Upper East Side, officials said….

3 points construction workers should know about scaffolds

Construction workers in New York often work in high places. One option to reach these higher spaces is scaffolding. When used properly, scaffolding is a safe option. Ignoring safety protocol can lead to tragedy. Workers and employers can take specific steps to stop these tragedies from occurring. Injured…

Off-Duty NYPD Officer Killed, Another Injured In Bronx Crash

Officer Bianca Bennett, 27, of Queens, was killed after her car struck a traffic circle and flipped in Pelham Bay, officials said. The vehicle ran off the roadway at City Island Road and Park Drive, flipping several times before catching fire, officials said.   Bennett was a passenger…

LI Woman Injured After Being Pulled From Car Wreck

Melissa Ortiz, 36, of Yaphank, was pulled out of her burning vehicle after a National Grid truck collided with her sports utility vehicle, officials said.   The accident happened on the Long Island Expressway near Exit 60 in Ronkonkoma. The collision occurred in the eastbound lanes and resulted…

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