New York Building Collapse Lawyers

When heavy equipment is employed at a building construction or demolition site, the vibrations can weaken foundations or the internal structure of a building. This is especially the case when a structure is gutted prior to renovation. The result can be a catastrophic collapse of the entire structure, a wall or other structural components.

Morgan Levine Dolan, P.C., is a team of construction accident lawyers with asuccessful record representing injured construction workers and the families of fatal accident victims. Having represented numerous clients in construction accident cases of all types, we have the experience and advocacy skills you need. When Morgan Levine Dolan, P.C., represents you, we will seek maximum compensation for your financial losses and suffering.

Advocates For Construction Accident Victims

Building and wall collapse cases can be complex and determining who was responsible can be very challenging. With the help of architects, structural engineers or other specialists, Morgan Levine Dolan, P.C., will undertake a thorough investigation of the accident and how it happened. We will assign liability to all responsible parties, which could include the general contractor, subcontractor, property owner or architectural firm.

After placing a value on your economic and noneconomic losses, Morgan Levine Dolan, P.C., will then seek compensation from all possible sources, including liable third parties and the workers’ compensation system.

Concerned And Compassionate Wrongful Death Lawyers

At Morgan Levine Dolan, P.C., we understand the devastating effects that afatal construction accident can have on the victim’s family. We are committed to helping you in this difficult time in your life. As the legal process moves forward, we will provide emotional support and strong advocacy for your family.

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